Registered models

Models can be registered. They will be automatically monitored.

Autoregister a model


     ('django.contrib.auth.models.User', ["c", "d", "u"]),
     ('emailmodule.models.Email', ["c", "d"])

The registered models will be monitored according to the chosen monitoring level: c: create, d: delete, u: upgrade

Manualy register a model

In any installed app :

from django.apps import AppConfig

class MyappConfig(AppConfig):
    name = "myapp"
    verbose_name = "My app"

    def ready(self):
        from mqueue.tracking import mqueue_tracker
        from myapp.models import TheModel


By default this will set the model to monitoring level 1 (records create and delete). Set it to 2 if you want to record also every save on the model:

mqueue_tracker.register(TheModel, 2)